About Us

·    Mosaferan Jahangard Ma Co. as a major tour seller in Iran, by reliance on many experiences and all-inclusive commanding view on tour planning and introduction of tourist attractions of Iran and more than forty countries in the world, prepare numerous and various tours, considering the need of society. Our goal is to study, plan, execute and guide the most attractive cultural, scientific, recreational, sports and exhibitory tours inside and outside of the country. Every year Mosaferan Jahangard Ma Co., by conducting tens of incoming tours and more than hundred outgoing tours in the scope of five continents, arranges a wide spectrum of various tours to the farthest regions of the world. Mosaferan Jahangard Ma Co. considers customer satisfaction and observation of high professional standards as the basic principles of its own activities.

·        Mosaferan Jahangard Ma Co. is a member of chambers of commerce of Germany, UK, Italy and France, and a member of Iran-Netherlands Council.

·Customer Care·

  Our main goal is always all-inclusive management from the first contact of fellow travelers with us until the last moment of travel, and its major criterion is considering personal needs. We will correct any problem occurs and/or give a good alternative solution. The top line of our goals is that our fellow travelers to be always with us, as our many years fellow travelers were and will be always with us. We believe in and follow the slogan “the customer is always right”.

 ·  Easy Access to Mosaferan Jahangard Ma Co.

· Jahangard Ma is just a few steps from you, your may refer to the press and widely circulated newspapers and/or internet websites.

 ·  Our Services

· To conduct and organize importing tours to Iran (entry visa, hotel reservation, ticket reservation, car and bus reservation, religious, recreational and historical tour operating with experienced tour leaders in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Armenian and Turkish

·To hold exhibitory tours and seminars in Iran

·To conduct and organize recreational European tours: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands

· To obtain Schengen visa (Embassy appointment, hotel, travel insurance)

·To plan and dispatch directors of companies and organizations, and other persons interested in to visit and participate in exhibitions in Europe, China, Moscow, Brazil, and the Commonwealth

·To organize specialized, industrial, tour, educational and scientific exhibitory tours and other cases

·To prepare, establish and decorate booth in all local and international exhibitions based on your request

·To hold specialized and professional seminars, conferences and congresses according to your need and request in highest quality level

·To provide airport formalities

·To make appointment for USA embassy in Armenia, Dubai and Turkey

·To make appointment for UK embassy in Ankara and Abu Dhabi

·To obtain visa for China (individual, group and business), Russia, Ukraine, Baku  and Thailand

·To conduct importing tours from European, Central Asian and the Far East Countries (China and Thailand)

·To obtain regular and prompt visa for Dubai

·To obtain visa for the Commonwealth

·To obtain visa for Brazil, Argentina and South Africa

·To conduct and organize Armenian tours: recreational, exhibitory and therapeutic, and exclusive representative of Armenian Agent, Garni Tour Co.

·To conduct and organize Dubai tours: recreational and exhibitory, and official representative of Sadaf Holidays Co.

·To conduct and organize Thailand tours: recreational and therapeutic (individual and group)

·To conduct Asian tours: Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Georgia, India, Nepal, Bali, Maldives, China (all cities), etc.

·To conduct Central Asia tours: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

·To conduct the tours of Russia, South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Argentina and Australia (all cities)

·  To reserve hotel with more than 320,000 hotels in the world with official hotel watcher

· To reserve low price tickets for Europe and all cities of the  world (5 continents) Localcarier – Cheap Flights

·To reserve railway ticket for Europe and Turkey

·To reserve cruise ship of the Mediterranean Sea: entrance paths Naples, Italy, Istanbul, South France, representative of cruise ships MCS

·To reserve and sell local and foreign tickets of all lines

· To conduct local tours: Kish, Mashhad, Qeshm, Shiraz, Esfahan, etc. (by air, land and railway)

· To conduct specialized rafting and paraglider tours

·To conduct one-day or several-day group student tours: Masouleh, Ghale Roudkhan, Abyaneh, Golabgiri, Ghale Alamout

· To reserve hotel in all local hotels (individual and group)

·To provide travel insurance from all insured parties (Mapfre, Medical Swiss and SOS)

·To enroll in IELTS in Armenia and Dubai

·To register companies in Armenia, Malaysia and Thailand Countries with a 3-year residence

· Advise and Plan in All Travel Affairs and Plan for Individual and Group Tours