Inbound Special Tour-Detail The Beautiful West
The Beautiful West


Of course you’ve heard about mountains,forests,waterfalls and lakes.we want to show you some and we’ve got a brilliant idea.We’ve named it,the beautiful west,an adventure tour in which you explore the  nature and enjoy your time there.

Tour name: The Beautiful West


Duration: 9 days

Tehran-boroujerd-khoram abad-dorood


Day 1: Go to borojerd by bus,it’s a 5.5 hour trip.check-in your hotel and take a rest.

Day 2: Sarab kartool,A beautiful place covered by trees,and sorrounded by rivers near to will get there and will have your lunch and get back afternoon.

Day 3:  Vark waterfall,one of the most beautiful waterfalls in west near to khoram get here early in the morning,have a lot of fun there,have your lunch there and get back afternoon.

Day 4: Bisheh waterfall,A big beautiful waterfall nearby a village and  a railroad to south of get there early in the morning and come back before the night.

Day 5: Nozhian waterfall,this one is near to khoram abad as just have to see that and feel the enviornment there.

Day 6: Gahar lake,a lake surrounded by mountains,just like a queen living in a can touch the stars there at takes you a 6 hour walking to get there.

Day 7: Kapargah,A mountain gorge in boroujerd.being  there feels like you are saying that we are brothers.


Day 8: Going to tehran airport-depart



It’s an adventure tour and it’s to be fun,so foods and mountain climbing facilities(if needed) should be prepared before our move.

 Our tour leader’s helping you in all time.

You have to wake up really early in the morning every day.

Breakfasts and lunches might be served on the go.

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